About Me

Simply put, Taylor Boehme (like poem) is a mom and wife. I live near Seattle, Washington and I’m a Pacific Northwest girl through and through. As you can imagine living up here in Washington, I have a love for the outdoors and I plan on writing about it. But recently our lives have changed dramatically, we had a baby girl a little over a year old now. Our travels have changed, how we go about our daily lives has changed. We have experienced ups and downs. So this experience is something I wanted to share with everyone, hopefully helping someone out there to make the transition into family life a smooth one. My husband and I used to travel abroad every year, we used to go on 40 mile backpacking trips, and we used to sleep in every Sunday morning… well now, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, we still travel, we still go hiking and every now and then we are blessed with a morning where we can relax baby free. But life is different and the transition at times has been difficult. So for all you moms out there feeling the stress, follow my posts and we’ll share tips together on how to enjoy this time in our lives that passes by so quickly.

I’ll write about it all, how it’s possible to continue living life to the full after starting a family, and how to create a cozy, comfortable home.