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DIY Date Night in a Box via Amazon

Lately I’ve seen so many options for subscription boxes. From clothes, to makeup, to PMS boxes! But then I came across a Date Night in a box… and well, I was intrigued.

Lets be honest, with kids it’s hard to schedule in date nights. And the majority of the time they have to be scheduled. In other words, no more spontaneous getaways. But once the kids go to sleep, there’s this great opportunity to spend time with your significant other. But then again… after a few nights, we all start running out of ideas. Enter DATE NIGHT BOXES.

The only issue being: the monthly subscription.

Some months we want to get out of the house for a date, grab a babysitter type of night! Other months, all we want to do is stay at home.

So I decided to put together a few Date Night ideas of my own using Amazon. If I see a night in the near future when we can set aside time for each other (no baby), I pick a theme, use Amazon Prime with two day shipping and we immediately have something to look forward to.

So here are my 5 ideas for Date Nights In to spend with your special someone.

Comedy Night:

Jim Gaffigan, caramel popcorn, favorite beer in a chilled mug… end with a funny couples board game.

Star Gazing:

One large cozy blanket, star-gazing handbook, thermos of hot cocoa (or tea complete with star anise and cinnamon sticks), and two themed mugs.

Bake dessert together: sugar cookies using these star cookie cutters.

For dinner: cheese Fondue with cubed bread and veggies. Chocolate fondue with star fruit and strawberries to enjoy with your star cookies.

Relax curled up together in a blanket outside and search for shooting stars.


At Home cooking class:

Cook dinner together with this Date Night Cookbook! Find a recipe you both have never tried making before.

Heart wooded spoon, ‘love’ cutting board, table topics game for conversation starters, and two glasses of wine to be enjoyed throughout the night.

Enjoy your meal together in candlelight. Top off with the hilarious Date Night movie and a box of chocolates.

Redecorating the bedroom together:

Sometimes we just need a change in scenery. Why not redecorate and rearrange the bedroom! You could make it a full date day and repaint the walls together. Or just switch around the furniture and hang some new romantic paintings or photos.

Cozy new bedding, pillows, rustic wall decor, candle set and breakfast in bed for dinner!

Breakfast serving tray, champagne glasses for mimosas, pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. Maybe some coffee, you might be up for a while.

Take her/him dancing without leaving the house:

New sexy red dress, high heals, Ella Fitzgerald hits and martinis to start off the night.

Move the couches and teach each other some dance moves on your living room floor. Or light up your outdoor deck/patio with cafe lights and take the dancing outside for the swing or waltz. You might be stiff the first couple of songs but you’ll get into it in no time!

Head in for your meats and cheeses spread… the kind of food you can snack on between songs and throughout your night.

Once it’s time to rest, head in for a movie such as Save the Last Dance.

Every date is not complete without setting the mood. Always add playlists on Pandora that fit your theme: Ray Lamontagne for cooking together, Oldies but Goodies for comedy night and Ed Sheeran for star-gazing. Candles and dim lights doesn’t hurt!

If you don’t want to put together your own date nights, check out the already together dates Amazon offers!

For the simple “movie night in”, here are a few fun movies to buy or rent. Pair with the above movie snacks kit!

One Fine Day
You Got Mail
Did you hear about the Morgan’s?
The Proposal
Mr. and Mrs. Smith

I hope these ideas help you and your significant other to enjoy your next Date Night In! You only need three ingredients to an amazing date: set the mood/ambiance, have delicious food and drinks throughout the night, and relax with your best friend.


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