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The 2018 Mom – Goals and Habits

The 2018 Mom and how’s she’s different from 2017.

The ways we’ve grown as individuals and as parents this past year is impressive. Here are the 7 ways we’ll continue to grow in 2018. Use these ideas as goals of your own or adapt them to better fit your lifestyle. Below you’ll find a few questions to ask yourself and fill in the blanks, brainstorming what 2018 will look like for you.

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Make our children our priority.

A simple way to enjoy mom life is to stop being a “mom”. Sure we keep our kids healthy and safe at all times. But sometimes all they need is for you to be a kid right along with them. Give up your energy to jump in the mud a million times. Try to get your clothes just as dirty as theirs. Chase them around. Play the games that make them scream in laughter and belly laugh, screaming and laughing right along with them.

Clean eating and mental clarity.

Eat your colors this year. That’s right, “eat the rainbow” and no I don’t mean Skittles. We’ve heard of clean eating, Whole 30 and Keto diets. Please don’t diet this year! Find your healthy through daily habits. A great way to do this is to eat your colors! That’s right, it’s simple. Eat things rich in colors like the those of the rainbow. Trying to cut the bland, colorless white foods from your diet will automatically give you a boost in vitamins and energy. Add in times to exercise, just 5-10 minutes a session will help your mental state causing you to smile more.

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Unapologetic yet kind.

Have you ever met someone who seemed to say the word “sorry” like it was going out of style? Like it was their first name? Like it was a conjunction word? If you’re this person, let me tell you what it sounds like…. well just annoying. It’s that simple. And I’ve been a culprit for sure. But let’s Please stop saying sorry over our every move. It screams insecurity. Kindly apologize when necessary, especially to family and friends.

Set the good example for your kids by being known as a kind person. However groveling and constant apologies make you sound insecure and at times insincere.

Showcasing mistakes.

This is a newer trend on the rise. For the last 100 years, and probably 100’s of years prior, we’ve seen people only allow others to see their “perfect”. They display themselves on a silver platter and enjoy the compliments to follow. This “excellent presentation” mentality is damaging, actually hindering self confidence. If we all decided to admit mistakes, openly and honestly, we would find contentment in the present. Raising a family begets mistakes.

As moms we will make mistakes daily as hard as we try to avoid them. So let’s try to remember: striving for perfection, when perfection is clearly unattainable, will cause us to view ourselves as failures. Unhealthy to say the least.

Developing talents.

We’re all talented with something extraordinary to offer. Even if it’s on a small scale, we will be known for our ambitions. We will be remembered and admired for the talents we discover along the way. Though we are all encouraged to develop beautiful qualities, making us people to be sought out by others, we will inevitably shine in one particular area. This area we need to explore, work hard at and be proud of the progress we make throughout the journey. Not to mention, this sets an incredible example for our children to imitate as we want them to shine in their particular individual way!

It may be as simple as being known for our energetic laugh or infectious smile. Or maybe our talent lies in the ability to play music making friends want to sing along. No matter how great or how small we view our strengths, remember this year to look positively on yourself. Avoid negative thoughts that tear you down or compare you with others.

Learning contentment.

“I can’t wait till…” “I’ll be happy when”. These ideas and common opening lines are detrimental to our happiness. Learning to be content with our present is a learned art. Have you ever met a truly happy individual? Was it because of his or her belongings or status in life, or was it the type of person who simply mastered contentment? That’s the person to envy and imitate.


Sure a great routine is healthy and encouraged by many. In fact, schedules for sleep, healthy eating and exercise are a must. In other words 1+1=2. Simple math. However throwing a little adventure into our routines is also a healthy move. So here’s our reminder to get out and get lost. Forget math and all that makes sense, just wander and explore and you’ll be amazed at what or who you find.

Using these ideas in the future months will help us all to progress into the best version of ourselves. We struggle to at times with our identity as parents verses who we were prior to having children. Make your own list of goals to help you stay on track this year keeping mentally and physically healthy.

Happiness is connected to _____ and fill in your answer.

Contentment means _______.

Healthy habits to incorporate this year include ______.

Balance in ______ is needed.

A small list like this one can keep us on track. Write these ideas out on a piece of paper and put it up on the fridge to look at it daily. We’ll be sure to achieve goals when we visually see them on a regular basis.

So here we go, constantly trying to become our absolute best.

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14 thoughts on “The 2018 Mom – Goals and Habits

  1. Lots of great printables and good tips. I really wanted to see the habit tracker, but it seems there’s no link yet. I think I need that one the most!

  2. Oh thank you for letting me know! It’s all fixed and ready to be downloaded. There’s a 5×7 option that might fit in your journal better too and a link to Great Morning Routines for moms where the printable originated. Thanks again!

  3. I love this so much! I think literally ever category applies to me this year in where I want to be with the goals I have set. This article is the perfect place to go as a reminder when I start to lose sight because you have explained it so well!

  4. I like your list. For me my number one mom goal is to be more present when the kids are around. I had this moment today where I realized that my eldest is home for maybe another 8-10 years and they will fly by so I should catch and enjoy what I can

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