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Wooden Gifts for Young Families

Wooden Gifts for Babies, Toddlers, Moms & Dads

In our family, we try our best to stay away from the plastics of the world. We love all things real, authentic and unique. These wooden gifts are beautiful and exactly what young families want.

Moms want their children to eat off of natural materials such as these wooden plates and spoons.Wooden teething toys are a must!

They prefer their kids to play with toys that promote imagination, rather than using tech.

Dads want gifts that are rustic yet useful.

Entire families want items that create a warm environment for the home, like these wooden coasters or essential oil diffuser.

Homemade Etsy Items:

If you are wanting to make or DIY something from wood as a gift instead, check out these posts:

Hopefully these items give you some great ideas for your next gift! I’m sure they will love your choice.

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