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Toddler Essential Oil Diffuser Ideas

Keeping essential oils on your toddler can be a difficult task.

These Little’s like to run and keep very busy. They are not interested in keeping essential oils on their skin for their ailments or emotional support.

They simply want to play, laugh, eat and sleep and keep you running after them while doing such things.

And honestly, the last thing we want to do is tackle our kids every two to three house to apply more essential oils. We will simply forget or get tired of that routine very fast.

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But as their parents, we understand that regular application of essential oils help our baby’s stay calmer, help with sleep, dull pains and ease anxiety. We typically apply them to their bellies and put a few drops into their baths at night hoping that will be enough. And it will help. But as with any natural healing, regular application is a must.

We can do more to keep healing and supporting our baby’s health throughout the day. Did I mention, with minimal effort on your part as a busy mom?!

A few tips for using Essential Oils on your Baby or Toddler:

  • When washing favorite blanket or stuffed animal (aka “Lovie”), use an all natural soap such as Castle Soap in a large soup pot and add 15 drops of doTERRA On Guard in the water. After washing, apply a few more drops of On Guard to Lovie. Your baby or toddler will go on smelling this immune support essential oil for days to come.

  • Buy or make your own essential oil diffuser bracelet. You can head to the nearest craft store for some thick elastic string and 1cm round wooden or lava beads. Either one will soak up the essential oils. Sting up the perfect size for your toddler to play with and carry around. If you are concerned about the bracelet braking or becoming a choking hazard, you can also use braided leather. The thought behind the bracelets is simply the idea of baby smelling the essential oils throughout the day, such as using lavender to keep baby clam and content. Lavender also helps them fall asleep easily (you can wrap the bracelet around the ankle for during the night). Ready made examples from Amazon below.

  • Use a roller bottle. Us moms know the pain teething causes, it’s almost as if we feel the pain right along with our children as they weep and bite on their fingers. Something that helps? A glass roller bottle filled with 20 drops of clove oil (great for tooth pain) and topped with fractionated coconut oil. Diluting the clove oil down is very important! Clove oil is considered a hot oil and can sting when applied at full strength, even on adults. Using this roller bottle recipe makes application easy. Just roll the oil along the jaw line when your baby is cutting a tooth or having trouble sleeping from the pain.

  • Have a diffuser running in the house or nursery. This one is a no brainer. It’s a simple solution when wanting your baby to have the constant immune support provided by On Guard throughout the winter. Or if your toddler still hasn’t slept through the night, keeping a diffuser that submits essential oils aromatically, will be soothing. Try Serenity essential oil which promotes drowsiness. A great solution.

There are many ways to keep natural health the center of our lives. These are just a few for our busy kids, helping them stay healthy throughout the year with little effort. If you have more ideas and ways to keep essential oils on your kids, please leave a comment below.

Any questions regarding Essential Oils and their benefits for your family’s every day lives? Please feel free to contact me!

The Land of Nod, design for kids and people that used to be kids


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  1. Such good ideas! I have recently been researching essential oils and put them on my Christmas list but never thought about the benefits for our little ones. What is the youngest age you can start using essential oils?

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