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Penny Pinching Ideas for your next Vacation

32 tips to save money for your next Vacation

This season we are determined to save money, not spend it! Every year when EVERYTHING is on sale, shiny and new, we all find ourselves shopping heavily. For those of you celebrating the holidays, the expense can be tremendous. Our family does not celebrate Christmas and as a result we save tons of money. But Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not easy on the pocket books, not to mention all the Winter Sales featured everywhere you turn. Add in all the delicious and comforting foods to buy, and the Winter time becomes a very pricey time of year. 

But this year we are focused on our next adventure and the money it will take to get there!

Last year, on average, US American’s racked up over $1,000 in new debt during the Winter months. So with vacations planned for next Spring and Summer, my family and I have sat down and we made a plan. We wrote down ideas on how to save money, rather than spend it!

Here’s 32 WAYS TO SAVE, tricks that have worked for us in the past and we hope to rack up the cash once again. Give it a try, use these tips and write down a few of your own. At the end of this post, I’ll include a FREE Printable for your own family’s ideas. Happy Saving!!

32 Ways to Save!

1. Use the Pantry – get creative. There are so many items we buy but then never use, shop your pantry for dinner recipes.
2. Stay home. If you stay home, not only do you save on gas but you will not find yourself in stores and spending money you don’t have!
3. Go to the park. Easy entertainment that doesn’t cost a dime.
4. Plan small camping tips to save for large vacations. Camping = best cheap vacation there ever was!
5. Use hand-me-downs. Kids grow out of clothes too fast, clothes swap with other moms.
6. Amazon Prime Subscribe and SAVE. Our formula for baby was $6 cheaper per can plus FREE Shipping! Sign up today for your own savings!
7. Yard sale/Craigslist. Sell Items no longer in use or needed.
8. Buy Frozen Produce, often cheaper than fresh and obviously lasts longer.
9. Buy fresh items on sale, freeze or can for longer use.
10. Coupon Apps – Safeway (groceries) and McDonalds (drive-thru option) are some of the best around! 
11. Make your own dinners, limit how many times you eat out per month.
12. Pack Hubby’s lunch. At least a $5 savings each day!
13. Combine trips into town. Less gas money, and you’re spending your time wisely too.
14. Buy in bulk Ex.: Costco. Caution: Be careful! Buy what you know and love so you’ll use it all up!
15. Dollar store vs Walmart. Shop around, compare prices. Make a list of compared items. Not everything is cheaper at the Dollar Store.
16. Say NO to new tech! We live in such a throw away society! Learn to love what you currently have.
17. Turn the thermostat down a degree or two.
18. Turn off lights in rooms not used, trust us… it adds up.
19. Use Cash Back Credit Cards or ones that offer FREE nights with earned points such as Hyatt. Sign up now! Or one of our favorite credit cards with perks is the Marriott Card. Check out how you can make purchases ultimately saving you $$ on your scheduled summer vacation. Learn More HERE.
20. Use the Envelope Method, allowing a set amount of money per category.
21. Put a limit on lattes… (the hardest tip for me to follow!)
22. Have separate bank accounts. This way you do not overdraw your account due to poor communication.
23. Plan meals around seasonal produce. Buy strawberries in the Spring, not the Winter.
24. DIY cleaning products. Cheap and Easy. Check out my post HERE for recipes.
25. Cancel subscriptions. You can do without for a few months… you’ll save at least $50 bucks!
26. Change the garbage pick up, every other week, and switch to a smaller can. Burn more, recycle more, compost more.
27. Consignment. Bring old clothes and clothes baby has grown out of to consignment stores that offer a percentage back on what sells.
28. Groupon! Don’t forget about good old Groupon and they’re amazing deals!
29. Coin jar. This adds up FAST. Throw your extra coins in a jar and watch the level rise. Put a tag around the lid stating a vacation’s location for added excitement and motivation!
30. Lower the water heater temperature. You’ll see a difference on your bill in no time.
31. Use u-tube exercise program rather than a gym membership and u-Tube “fix it yourself” DIY videos rather than calling a tech out.
32. Buy Gift Cards with Cash Back Bonuses or Perks. Safeway has great deals that offer gas rewards etc when buying their Gift Cards.

And there you have it! Ideas that we have used and they all work! Now it’s time for you to brainstorm ways to save big! As promised, here’s your FREE Printable to get started saving ASAP!

Ways to Save Printable PDF

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12 thoughts on “Penny Pinching Ideas for your next Vacation

  1. We are pretty good about saving, and we do a lot of these things! I think we do more of those things during the winter months around the holidays so we can save extra.

  2. Ýes #21 is so hard for me too! I 100% agree with Amazon Prime subscription! I would add to it that memberships to favorite places are nice too, since its a one time fee and then you can go all year without paying.

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