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Outdoor Winter Activities

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“Baby, it’s cold outside”! But we still want to get out there and enjoy some fresh air, even during winter! It’s a battle we all face, every year.

It’s incredibly important to use evenings and weekends as a chance for our families to bond, spend “quality” time together. And while our family is certainly NOT against a movie night in, or game night on the living-room floor, we still prefer to head outdoors.

So here comes a mom’s creative thinking when it comes to winter weather families activities. We have a toddler who has to be very bundled up in order to enjoy the activity… so I’m talking about reasonable and simple things to plan. And lets not forget about keeping it cheap!

For the not so cheep, we of course recommend the typical snowboarding and skiing through the alps, if your kids are still too small for their first ski lesson, take them up to the slopes for sledding and inner-tubing down the smaller snowy hills.

When given a chance to go visit Whistler, Canada, you must check out the zip lining at night, high up in the trees, flying from one tree house platform to the next. Imagine flying in the cold air through snow covered trees lit up by twinkle lights. AMAZING.

But let’s be honest, that’s a sort of vacation experience, and not to mention an expense. We need to talk about cheaper options, affordable outings you can keep doing throughout the four-five months of colder weather.

Here are three ways your family can head outdoors this Winter for some fun, memorable evenings or weekends together. Try to implement just one and in the comments below, let me know your family’s way of getting outside

#1. Who said s’mores is only a Summer thing??

That’s right, head outside, in your own backyard and light up that fire pit from a few months back. It kept you warm then and it will do a pretty good job now. But to help your fam keep cozy while sitting around the fire, provide blankets! Huge, fuzzy and thick blankets everyone can wrap themselves up in.

Next, snacks… lets not forget about those s’mores! Grab some large marshmallows and sticks and let everyone roast one. To make it more “wintery”, make up some hot chocolate (add peppermint liquor for the adults to make it even more seasonal) and then add that roasted mallow to your cup. You can eat the outside that’s golden brown but that gooey inside is perfect for your steamy cup of hot chocolate.

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Simply chat about the kids day at school or play a game such as charades to keep the kids moving. Which ever you decide, you are making fun memories and your family will ask when can we do it again??

#2. Head outside for a winter day hike, grab some snowshoes!

Hiking in the summer is very popular in the Summer time around here in the Pacific Northwest. We all have our favorite hikes and places to see, pitching our tents and sleeping under the stars. But come October, the planning for backpacking and camping comes to abrupt end. So what do we do?

The Land of Nod, design for kids and people that used to be kids

We often find ourselves inside wishing for warmer weather so we’re able to get back out there!

Our family has tried some alternative options to get us through these cooler months. We settled on the fact that we still want to explore, just maybe not stay the night in a tent. In comes day hikes! 

Choose an easy hike, 1-3 miles, and simply enjoy the sights. This way if you decide you need to turn around because of the weather, you will feel more comfortable doing so. If you choose a snowy location, bring or rent some snowshoes! Let me tell you, this is actually very fun! I was hesitant at first, thinking it was crazy, but then I strapped on a pair and tramped through the snow and now I can’t get enough!

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Bring along some styrofoam cups and your thermos full of hot water, tea, packets of hot chocolate and spiced cider. This is worth packing as you will enjoy the warmth once you hit your destination, be it a waterfall or a mountain view.

Don’t forget about hand warmers! You can stuff them in pockets. And make sure everyone is bundled up, but not too bundled as you often feel warmer as you get to moving!

Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids

#3. The Beach isn’t just for summers!

You read that right… The beach isn’t just a summer activity either! Every winter our family takes a trip for a weekend down to the Coast. We absolutely love it, even in the dead of a cold, blistery winter. Sure it is cold, but nothing beats walking on the beach and looking for sand dollars and sea glass, I don’t care what time of year it is! Bring the dogs and let them get their energy out. Bring along a Frisbee or football if it’s not too windy. Kites fly on a cold, overcast day too! Or when choosing a cheap hotel room for the night, ask for one with an ocean view so your family can sit inside, warm and cozy, while still watching the waves crash.

Have you ever been on the coast when there is a storm? It’s spectacular! The sky is unlike anything you’ll see while in town at home.

This outdoor activity is more for a weekend getaway, but if you can easily make it into a day trip. Bundled up, you might not feel the sand beneath your toes, but you will still hear the waves and smell the salty air, both of which are super comforting.

#4. Remember those Fall Leaves?? 

Rake them up into huge piles and let the kids fall into them! This is a great childhood memory of mine. Throwing up the leaves in the air and basically ruining the work my parents just did, but hey, I’ll never forget how much fun I had!

So rake them up and let them have a blast!

So there you go! Get outside and enjoy some fresh air as opposed to staying indoors all season long. Take walks around the neighborhood, if nothing else, as a family and use the time to feel connected. Get creative so you’re not sitting on the couch in front of a screen day for months on end!

The Land of Nod, design for kids and people that used to be kids

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