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Remedy a Cold Naturally

Natural Cold Fighting Techniques that Actually Work!

Every year we dread catching something nasty, a cold or flu that takes us away from our jobs, our family, makes us feel miserable, and get behind on all to-do’s needing to be done. Viruses affect us all and we’re always searching for ways to avoid them.

In no way am I a doctor, suggesting a health regimen you absolutely HAVE to follow. Rather, diet changes or the addition of any supplements should be discussed with your doctor or health care professional.

I want to emphasize that these suggestions are what works for our family, but I hope you find some ideas that you can implement so as to stay healthy this flu season.

I want to talk about three stages in the cold department:

  1. Prevention
  2. Emergency
  3. Surrender


Lets get started with prevention, the most important.

To prevent a cold, we need to focus on keeping our bodies rested, hydrated, and well nourished. Keep a healthy exercise routine, and eat your vitamins! You know, it’s the normal “supposed to” stuff we hear all the time! Don’t disregard these as they do impact how susceptible we are to catching bugs.

But come flu season, we need to be extra ‘on guard’. As a family, we try to remind each other to take our vitamins and supplements each night, specially vitamin C (also comes in chewable) and Echinacea for immune support.

If you’re not much of a vitamin lover, make sure to eat foods rich in Vitamin C, such as:

  • Oranges (1 Large = 82 mg, over 163% DV)
  • Broccoli (1 cup = 81.2 mg, over 135% DV)
  • Kale (1 cup = 80 mg, over 134% DV)
  • Pineapple (1 cup = 78.9 mg, over 131% DV)
  • Strawberry (1 cup = 89.4 mg, 149% DV)
  • Green Peppers (1 cup chopped = 120mg, 00% DV)

*Infants need 40 mg/50mg DV; Children 1yr-13yrs = 15/45mg DV; Adolescents 14-18 65/75mg DV; Adults 19 and older = 75/90 mg DV.

Vitamin C is also great for many other parts of the body such as promoting healthy skin! Bonus!

Check out Dr. Axe for more details on why Vitamin C @

In addition to Vitamin C, Echinacea is super important in boosting your immune system. If you are not a fan of taking it in capsule form, grab some Echinacea tea, add some honey and sip at night. Tastes great and super healthy, not to shabby!

Prevention goes beyond taking care of your body through food, rest and supplements. I’m an essential oils advocate and if all other prevention methods didn’t work, you need to start adding this into your routine.



I don’t always get a flu shot each year, I have in the past and support my family and friends when they decide to get theirs, but I’m more on the “fence” as to its benefits. Instead, I actively use this oil around my house and on my skin, which I have made huge strides in my staying healthy during flu season since adding this oil to my daily routine.

Ways to use On Guard:

  • in small glass spray bottles with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil, used as a hand sanitizer.
  • in an essential oils diffuser for home (breathed in aromatically throughout day)
  • all-purpose, anti-bacterial cleaner. 20 drops for DIY cleaner 
  • 10 drops in hot water to clean baby’s stuffed animals and toys
  • 25 drops in a small roller bottle diluted with carrier oil applied to chest while on the go

For you busy moms not wanting to make your own DIY products, you can visit my doTERRA website and buy these products ready-made to give your family the best fighting chance against bugs this season.

In these ways, as well as regular hand washing and maybe an Airborne tablet, you can feel confident you’ve done everything you could to prevent this season’s cold.

What if you’ve done all you could to prevent catching a bug but you were exposed to someone sneezing and coughing… and then they reach out to shake your hand… “I hate my life” is what runs through my brain as I politely reciprocate the hand shake. Or we can only imagine the germ fest at schools, if exposed under an UV light it would make us cringe. Going on a plane and breathing in recycled air for X amount of hours doesn’t help us stay healthy either. So what now???

On to EMERGANCY (When we’ve been exposed to nasty germs or start to feel that sore throat warning.)

Pump up the water intake! Staying hydrated is going to seriously help. Start your day with a mason jar of lemon water, take water with you to work, and drink 2 cups of tea in the evening.

Boost your water’s effectiveness with essential oils. Specifically a few drops of On Guard and Lemon oil. doTERRA’s oils are above grade organic meaning they are safe to take internally. On Guard isn’t super tasty but the Lemon oil helps make it palatable.

My husband is a fan of Emergen-C. When he starts to feel sick, he drink a glass at the slightest sign of a cold. It’s a packet you can take with you, keep at your desk at work or in your purse. It has great flavor and simply gives you a boost of vitamins such as Vitamin C to support your bodies defense system.

What if despite all of this, you still end up sick, on the couch, no energy, nasty sick?

Simply put, stay on the couch. Call someone to help out with the kids and get yourself healthy again by starting with lots of rest. Drink a hot toddy to help ease your body’s aches and pains and take an Epsom salt bath to relax and draw out toxins. Sip on bone broth and rub in some On Guard Essential Oil on your feet right before your early bedtime.

*Remind yourself that this too shall pass.



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