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Journaling for the Busy Mom

As moms we have a million things going on in our brain. Pack lunches, pick up the kids from school, check homework, school field trips, PTA meetings, doctors appointments, playdates….  millions of things going on in our brain! If we have babies, our brains are mush (postpartum depression anyone??) and yet still too many things to keep track of… again, doctors appointments, when is her nap time, who’s babysitting on what day, dinners to plan, baby food to make, diapers to buy….  millions to do and the list never ends. What about our homes to take of? Chores to do? Do we work secular jobs? Own our own business?? Yep, you get it: A MILLION THINGS!

So how do we keep everything straight in our crazy, busy lives never missing a beat? We make a list of course, constantly leaving these lists on the counter of the kitchen as we head off to the grocery store. (Mushy brain, remember?)

Yes I’ve utilized technology, including the handy Notes app, making lists that always stay with me on my phone. The problem? Simply put, sometimes it’s crazy comforting to use the old fashioned paper and pen. Anyone get tired of constant screen time?? Yeah, me too.

For a year now I had been searching for ways to keep my days together, my life together, one task at a time. Something that has helped me tremendously is a journal. Now it’s not what you automatically thing of, a spiral bound notebook full of blank pages screaming bland. It’s also not another “task” needing to be done, taking precious time away from all the other things we truly need to be doing. No, it’s a Mom Journal. It’s a helpful tool. It can take 5 minutes and it kick starts your day into productive mode!

Selfless Mother Mom Planner

This “tool” was just what I needed to keep my brain straight. I needed to feel like I was accomplishing something, even if the only thing I accomplished that day was writing down what I want to do tomorrow. It keeps me on track, starting my day in the morning thinking about the ‘musts’ instead of wasting my time looking at social media and what everyone else was accomplishing.

Journals can also be an art. A creative outlet we all need. Many of us use primarily either the right or the left side of our brain. But a journal can help us to use both sides, artfully creating pages that jump out at us while at the same time keeping us studiously focused.

In my many years of on again, off again “journaling”, I have played around with so many types of journals. I’ve used art journals, large spiral bound, blank paged notebooks where you can draw, paint, glue, attach or write anything in. These are super artistic and fun but I found that I didn’t use it daily and soon lost interest over time. I’ve tried the simple, three-ring binder type notebooks with margins, collage ruled at the dollar store and a cute pin that lasted for about a week. It just didn’t rock my world, and honestly you get what you pay for.

Then I tried Michael’s journals. I got a coupon on my phone and walked in, still spending nearly $50 on the smallest journal they had. Granted, out of the options already mentioned, this one was my favorite SO FAR. The journal had a plain, leather like exterior and I could add topics and inserts which was nice. Michael’s had cute sticky notes, page dividers and other fun accessories to add, making the journaling fun and individualized. The downside is the cost to all of this, the initial cost was far more than I wanted to spend and the covers where generic. Not to mention only being able to fit two topics in the journal, To-Do’s and a Calendar. I needed more space, more space for topics such as LISTS, appointments, bill trackers, menu planning, food tracking, and a spot for notes.

In comes Purple Trail, an online stationary and journal store specializing in custom orders! This place was just what I had been looking for! The only complaint I have with the company is how many options there where…

Until It's Done Daily Planner

You start by choosing what type of journal you want: three ringed binder, mom journals, travel journals, guest books, student planners, wedding planners, menu journals, and more. Choose what type of journal you want to create and then get to it! The fun part about Purple Trail is all the different cover options. You can use one of their inspirational quote covers, or you can personalize and make it all your own, with your name or use your babies photos! Cool right!?

Next you get to choose what topics you want. That’s right, topics (plural). Unlike the journal bought from Michael’s, you can choose more than 2 inserts. Lets say you want a mom journal, like mine, but you’d like to include a menu planner and budget tracker and even a To-Do List… yes it is possible! Also check out the adorable accessories for pens, planner stickers, and washi tape. It’s enough to get us excited about staying organized.

Kraft Scallop Plaid Recipe Journal

So I hope you hop on over to Purple Trail and get started making your very own, unique to you journal! Take back control of your everyday which should be fun in the process. Your journaling is a moment of your day when you can reflect and feel confident about handling things like a boss. A mom boss!

Wife Mom Boss Meal Planner

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10 thoughts on “Journaling for the Busy Mom

  1. I was driving home today and thinking that I needed to journal tonight because I should a rough day! It helps so much to release all those feelings and thoughts!

  2. My gosh, I love these journals! Especially the Wife Mom Boss one 😀 I wish I could say I”ll buy it, but the thing is, I have 582 journals lying around untouched. I must keep myself from buying more 😉

  3. Great ideas! I love seeing all other people color coordinate and decorate their journals! Definitely something I’d like to start if I wasn’t so scared of my toddler doodling all over it! Lol.

  4. This is interesting. The notes app is quite frankly my bestfriend but it lacks authenticity! I will definitely look into giving this a try.

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