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Mom’s LOVE a good list! We all make them and use them to keep track of our days activities, to remember the things needing to be done (mom brains, right?), and refer to them again and again throughout the day to stay productive.

Sometimes we are just in the mood to make a list, and whether or not we accomplish it isn’t really the point!

How many times have you have made a grocery list and then left it on the counter before heading out to go grocery shopping? We ALL do it and we will do it again. But the act of sitting down and writing things out somehow helps our mushy brains have a better memory. I’m not saying you wont forget that tube of toothpaste, but the majority of the items will be checked when you compare your grocery bags with the list back home.

I’ve made two separate printables to help us keep our lives together, as this can be a daily struggle! One is “list” style, a simple list for moms needing to only take a quick glance throughout the day. Great for bulletin boards! The second is a journal style, more detailed page including separated items such as goals, to-dos, miss. notes, and appointments. Both come in a full page option as well as a 5×7 option for the smaller journals.

Mom’s Many To~Do’s List PDF

Mom’s Many To~Do’s List PDF 5×7



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