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Five years ago I was introduced to the ever-growing essential oils band wagon. It was a hot topic in our area, party after in home party. Have an ailment, there’s an oil for that!

As a woman with a few aches and pains here and there, I was curious enough to try out a few different oils. My experience was some worked, and some didn’t. My natural doubting self was definitely NOT convinced that these oils where a product my family couldn’t live without.

So how did I get from there to where I am now, a doTERRA Essential Oils Representative? Let me explain the logic along with the crazy journey. In no way is this article written from a scientific point of view, nothing too difficult to understand, but it still stands to reason that our bodies are not a simple thing. So complex and intricate. We are all beautifully designed and beautifully made, all similar and yet all so amazing different.

A family member of mine has a serious cancer and while the doctors have a treatment plan in place, they also have two other options if treatment stops working. Why is that you wonder? Simply put, sometimes our body responds to medication, and sometimes they don’t. What’s more complicated and at times not fair, our bodies might respond to something perfectly and we recommend the treatment to our friend who has no such success. I guess that’s why there are many different medications or treatment options for the same exact cancer, all to find what works for your body.

Over the years, I have seen many of my friends start to sell essential oils, and countless others would share success stories. One by one my friends where becoming convinced that these products work. I was still on the fence, and possibly even on the other side of the fence rolling my eyes, “Yeah, okay, sure it cured you, I bet!”. PLACEBO! Still, as this may possibly be true, the fact remains that these friends where able to move on from that pain that was affecting their everyday life. They FELT BETTER. If that’s a placebo, then it’s one I might want too if I’m feeling sick. Remember how positive thinking can improve our health and help with stress management. Our brains can help us to feel better, there is no question regarding that science.

So here’s my journey. Back five years ago, bought my first small bottle of peppermint oil for some stomach trouble I was having (doTERRA’s Peppermint oil is equivalent to 25 cups of peppermint tea making it an easy winner for digestive issues). This actually seemed to work, which made me curious enough to purchase my next set of oils. I didn’t see the value in what I bought though, it wasn’t effecting my everyday life enough to continue using them. I had bought the First Aid Kit from doTERRA, and while these oils where great to have on hand (!!!) they were not rocking my world. So for the next few years I would explore an oil or two but never found anything like how the peppermint helped me.

And then I got pregnant. Now for those of you pregnant out there and reading this, please do your own research on what oils to use and what oils to stay away from. There are oils that can severely hurt an unborn child, so be very cautious. I decided to stay away from the oils during the first part of my pregnancy and revisit them once the risk for miscarriage wasn’t as high. Around 6 months pregnant, I started experiencing hip pain, hip pain that wouldn’t allow me to fall asleep at night. Hip pain that throbbed and caused me to toss and turn. It was so bad with weeks of sleepless nights that we even went out and purchased a new mattress, thinking that was the problem! After the mattress was delivered and my problem continued, I turned to doTERRA.

With pregnancy, there is a hormone called relaxin, true to its name, it loosens up the joints preparing the body for delivery. Already having arthritis to begin with, this relaxin was almost unbearable and yet I refused to take any pain medications or creams while carrying my baby. So doTERRA it was, and I was referred to Wintergreen by my representative. I quickly ordered a bottle and the night it came was the night I felt relief. I applied the oil straight to the hip area, only once right before going to bed and woke up finally rested! My husband happy to have a happy, pregnant wife again. It was a WIN for the whole family.


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This was my second, truly amazing experience with doTERRA that got me to thinking, “maybe this stuff actually does work!”. I experienced relief during delivery by using the oils and was able to have an all natural, no pain meds birth. After giving birth I experienced how the oils could help me in my recovery. All of which I plan on writing about soon. But the journey wasn’t over. Amazingly, I still was not convinced!

So many of my friends talked about how the oils would help them with their emotions. Now if there is a placebo effect, it’s definitely going to be in this area. “It helps me with my anxiety” or “I need it to help me focus on the task at hand”. Well, I never turned to the oils for these issues until I started experiencing Postpartum Depression. Let me tell you PPD is no joke. Read about how I was able to overcome the emotions HERE. I decided to give doTERRA a try once again, thinking anything is better than what I was experiencing. I turned to oils such as Lavender to help me relax and stay calm during difficult times (oh the colic!), and Serenity to give me a good nights rest, or whatever rest I was able to get with a newborn. Clary Sage for hormone control and Balance for mood swings. Did they work? They did, at least for me they did!

I would use them in a roller bottle for easy application. I put a few in my bath water at night just before sleep. I would rub them on my tummy before crawling into bed. And they worked. I will turn to them again in the future for PPD no question about it.

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After those first few months with baby, we started to settle into everyday life. Next we started experiencing things like teething pain and sleep training for baby. So we turned to the oils and were seeing success once again. It’s not to say that every oil we tried worked, that’s not the case. I have kept my brains about me and listened to my body and to my baby girl to see what we respond well to and what we don’t. But this product has worked for us in many different areas of life. I was determined that it was a fad, something that would have its lime light but eventually the oils would be a thing of the past as so many natural health products are. After five years of being a skeptic, I have finally decided that the oils are here to stay.

They benefit people and often improve quality of life as I can attest to. Just recently in the past month, I have become a doTERRA Wellnesss Advocate. I believe in the product I represent and hope that I can help others find relief from their ailments and point them to a path where natural health care becomes their number one choice, because IT WORKS.

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